Build Day 12

Another small update here. I’ve now cut into my second sheet of .125″. But I’m thinking, and the next 24″x48″ chunk should be enough to finish both feet, the following one should be good for the center ankle and some of the center foot, and the final one should get me the parts for R5’s dome. Hopefully. I know now that I don’t have enough for the booster covers, horseshoes, and other details like that. But I’m not as worried about that yet. Right now, it’s all about the structural components.

Anyway, here’s a glued up leg framework. I chose to use a channel like this, contrary to the plans, because I’m not sure about how much cabling I’m gonna have to feed to the leg. I also increased the size of the slot and hole in the ankle to possibly accommodate more cabling. One of my ideas is to use proximity sensors in the back, bottoms of the feet. This way, R5 will know if he’s about to drive backwards down the stairs.Just a safety measure.

I cut out a handful more parts, then collected them all. I left it last night with some ankle parts drying,

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