Build Day 15

Well, I’ve ordered my motors, so R5 might be rolling around in the near future. I went with the recommended Jaycar motors, but I got them off of Ebay. I got them for about 60% list price, with free shipping. Anyway, I’ve got a handful of parts for the dome cut, but now I’m wondering about my styrene consumption. I need to cut 5 or 6 more rings for the dome from a 48″x48″ sheet of styrene. Plus all the parts for the center ankle and the triangles and uprights for the dome. I think I can do it, but it will be close. I know I don’t have enough for the horseshoes or battery boxes though; I won’t even try to fool myself.

We have a family friend coming this weekend who happens to be a big fan of Star Wars. So my plan is to have R5 semi-presentable and standing on two feet by Friday. But with orders now coming in for my business, I’m not sure how much time I can give to R5.

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