Build Day 19

I hit a milestone last night. R5 is now standing on three feet!! Still far from done, but seeing this is very satisfying. Once my bearing gets here, either today or tomorrow, it’d be even better. Now, I can move on to some of the skins. The only problem is that I don’t have the parts to make the arm boxes yet. Meaning, I don’t think I can do the front skins yet.So for now I will be laying out how I will cut the skins. I think I may do the dome first, yet there’s plenty I can do. As for the mechanics, I am waiting on my motors (should be here in a week). But temporarily, I will be using a standard radio control system from one of my dad’s old model planes. I will pair that with a Pololu board I have that converts the PWM signal to DC out. This will at least make R5 mobile, until I design and build his main computer system. I plan on giving him the works; proximity sensors galore, PIR sensors (detect human bodies), dual microphones. Plus he will have speech recognition. In essence, R5 will function and operate like a real droid from the movies. At least that’s the plan.

I’m going back to college in four weeks, so I’m a little pressed for time now. I’ll just keep working, and see how far I can get. But I know that once I’m at college, I’ll at least have time to design the main computer. That’s something I think I can have up and running by next May at the latest. However, programming in responses to mimic an AI isn’t going to be easy. And I’m an Electrical Engineer, not a Computer Scientist.

But that’s all for now. Maybe next I’ll be cutting out some skins, or maybe then I’ll turn some of the eye details or wheel hubs on the lathe.

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