Build Day 23

Another short update. I’ve got my bearing all prepped, and it fits and works well. Sorry, I see now I didn’t take a picture of R5 with the bearing in place.


Anyway, I broke R5 down, and started working on some of the pieces I have, but didn’t glue on yet. Mainly, foot pieces. Then today, I cut out a couple of motor mount plates from residual scrap pieces. Some proper drilling, and tapping, and they fit in the foot perfect. Now, I need to make my hub to mount the wheel, and I need my motors to get here. I think the estimated delivery date was within the next 7 days. I’m so excited.

Then, I started cutting some .04″ (1 mm). I did a quick test on some .02″ I had laying around, to see how well the 1/16″ cutter I used would work. It worked well. So I laid it out, and cut some dome pieces. I used a 20″ swath rather than a 24″ one, because this way I will optimize my plastic as I cut the almost 20″ body pieces. But then I ran into a snag. Somehow, the PDF I used for the toolpaths was squashed. Meaning, that the circles I cut out were actually ovals. So the two rings are pretty useless. It was a waste of plastic, and I’ll need to re-cut them. Oh well

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