Build Day 29

I’m still making some headway, even though this is a secondary project. So when I realized that my R5 dome skins PDFs were squashed, I was a little bummed. I re-downloaded them, and I’ll be able to use them. I just wasted what precious little plastic I have. Anyway, the only other skin cutting I’ve done is the back half outer piece. I’m very happy with how it came out. I could (and probably will) cut all of the main body skins relatively soon. But again, I can’t glue on the fronts until I make the arm boxes, and I can’t do that until I have enough plastic.

I have however begun work on the drive system. My motors aren’t here yet, but I’ve worked on the other stuff. I’ve decided that for the foot, just using the motor shaft to support the weight would not be enough. So, I plan on using 1/2″ axle and bearings to support the outside of the axle. Shortly, I will be cutting mount support pieces that i will use to screw the bearings on.

Also, my dad graciously volunteered to turn my wheel hubs. We started with a pair of 1″x3″ round aluminum slugs. They were turned down to about 2.75″ diameter, have a 1/2″ bore, and a groove cut to accommodate the shape of the wheel. When they are done, they will taper, and use either a cold roll pin or a screw to pin them to the axle. Then the end of the axle will be drilled to 6mm, and a set screw will fix it to the motor shaft.

Oh, and I am now using different wheels. The original pair I bought off of McMaster were terrible. They weren’t even round. Probably worth the money I paid for them, but they were unusable. So instead, I’m using these I bought at Lowes. I broke them down, and found that they would work perfectly. So the hubs were made to fit these wheels. I also have my caster all mounted, but I see now I haven’t taken any pictures. I’ll get some up eventually.

And finally, here’s R5 as he stands. I’ve got the dome bearing all set, so that’s nice. So as you can see, I’m slowly making progress. I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks though, until work will have to stall. At least I’ll be able to work on the computer control while I’m at school. I’ve already mostly figured out how it will work.

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