Build Day 31

My motors came!! They are exactly what I needed, and they fit right in. I ran out yesterday and bought the metric screws to mount them. Other than that, I’ve been working on getting the drive train operational. I cut out bearing mount plates which will be glued in to support the axle. They were made as two half pieces just so I could use some of the piles of scrap I have left. But they fit together, and fit in, well.
Other than that, we’ve continued working on the aluminum hubs. One is done, save for the pin . Tonight, I may be able to have at least one side together!! We’ll see how it goes, though. That’s about all the progress I’ve made. Today, I may work on designing the computer system. I really don’t know much about what’s out there, but I know my system will be self-contained.
It will have motor output built in, sounds, radio control capabilities, speech recognition, obstacle avoidance, motion tracking, and more. I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a system like this. Down the line, once I have my system dialed in, I would consider doing a run of these. Oh, and I’m going to have an IR remote link within the body, so the main computer communicates with the dome. This way, sensors, servos, and lights in the dome will be controlled by the main computer. This will give greater control than randomly flashing lights.

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