Build Day 34

So, I did a dumb. I had not moved ahead with the body skins, because I thought the arm boxes had to go in first because of the geometry of that space. Whoops. Apparently they don’t, which is good news for me since I don’t have the plastic to make them yet. So I decided to move ahead with skinning the body. I had cut the back outer piece earlier, so I next cut the inner pieces; front and back. I removed the door spaces for the four doors in front which I will have open.
Next, I went about cleaning up the frame. There were a couple high spots where the uprights met the rings, so they were trimmed and sanded. Additionally, the two front uprights (surrounding the vents) were a little out of position, so they interfered with the doors on either side. So I pulled them out, and will glue them in place when I glue the skins. I then worked out the hinges. I drilled and tapped holes for the large left hand door, where the hinges are actually inside the space. This way, they don’t interfere with the tall door right next to it. As for the small right hand door, I didn’t do anything with the hinge. I will probably use the identical setup, but I will make a separate mount piece and glue it in afterwards.
After that, everything seemed to line up well. Almost. I get the front and back inner pieces all taped in place. I knew there would be a bit of a gap; I evenly put a 3/32″ gap on each side. But I then noticed a problem with the shoulder hubs. On both sides, the hubs seem to be too far forward, meaning that the front skin hits the hubs on both sides. And there is a big gap between the hub and the back skin on both sides. Now, I haven’t skinned the hubs yet, which means they probably wouldn’t even fit then. It looks like my only solution will be to remove the shoulder hub mount plates and shift them back.

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