Custom Product: Small Dog Houses

By: Michael J. Dempsey

At D5 DEM, we love taking on custom work. Often times, it helps give us insight into what our customers look for. Sometimes, a customer’s idea evolves into a new standard product offering from D5. But besides all that, we enjoy the fresh change-of-pace that this work often brings.

Less than a week ago, a customer contacted us about building a pair of very large animal houses. These houses were to match the design and look of our line of Small Animal Houses, but they were to measure 15″x15″x15″ and 13″x13″x13″. As is always our reply, I told the customer that we could absolutely accommodate this request. After settling on a reasonable price, I set to work on these two houses for a small dog named Brody.

Five of ten panels glued up. Each panel is made of two boards, joined with biscuits and glue
The front of one house is clamped in the CNC router to have its door cut out

While the fabrication process of these houses is very similar to our standard houses, extra care had to be taken in wood selection and assembly. As 15″ wide boards are not commonly available, all ten pieces of these houses had to be joined as panels. We used biscuits with a biscuit joiner for added strength in these joints, and of course we had to ensure the biscuits would not later interfere with the door and window cutouts.

The 13″ house glued together and awaiting final finishing on the morning of July 26
The 15″ house is glued and awaits final finishing on the morning of July 26

Everything went smoothly on this build. Over the last three days of work, we have created two great dog houses which did not exist before. These houses are scheduled to ship today, and hopefully they will be to Brody’s liking! At D5 DEM, we take pride in our work. I am excited to have built these houses, and I think our customer will be excited to use them.

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