In Development

Tiny Traffic Light

A new, upcoming product is the Tiny Traffic Light. Designed as a paired product for our Tiny Traffic Light Controller, this is a true scale traffic light head for model railroads and dioramas. We will be offering the Tiny Traffic Light in both N scale and HO scale. These lights are designed to work seamlessly with our Tiny Traffic Light Controller, which maintains a realistic lighting sequence at any scale model intersection. Look for the Tiny Traffic Light in the coming weeks!

Astromech Control System

This long-term project is a complete robotic control system, designed primarily for use in Astromech droids. Our under-construction mascot, R5-D5 is the testbed for this control system. Once refined, this will be a modular system, which will allow for both autonomous and remote control operation. Modules currently under development will allow for:

  • Motor control
  • Audio playback
  • Battery monitoring and charging
  • Speech Recognition
  • Servo Control
  • Proximity and PIR sensor interaction

This is a long-term design project, which when completed, will be the single most easy-to-use and complete robotic control system.


We at D5 are excited to present HobbiThing! This small module allows you to bring Internet of Things (IoT) functionality to practically anything.  Designed for the average hobbyist, it allows you to control up to 8 separate devices from a simple web interface accessible through the browser of any connected device.

HobbiThing incorporates a self-contained Web Server, DNS Server, Wi-Fi Access Point, and output circuits allowing it to be a standalone solution for applications where web browser control is desired.

HobbiThing will be available for preorder soon!  If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to