In Development

Tiny Traffic Light

A new, upcoming product is the Tiny Traffic Light. Designed as a paired product for our Tiny Traffic Light Controller, this is a true scale traffic light head for model railroads and dioramas. We will be offering the Tiny Traffic Light in both N scale and HO scale. These lights are designed to work seamlessly with our Tiny Traffic Light Controller, which maintains a realistic lighting sequence at any scale model intersection. Look for the Tiny Traffic Light in the coming weeks!

Astromech Control System

This long-term project is a complete robotic control system, designed primarily for use in Astromech droids. Our under-construction mascot, R5-D5 is the testbed for this control system. Once refined, this will be a modular system, which will allow for both autonomous and remote control operation. Modules currently under development will allow for:

  • Motor control
  • Audio playback
  • Battery monitoring and charging
  • Speech Recognition
  • Servo Control
  • Proximity and PIR sensor interaction

This is a long-term design project, which when completed, will be the single most easy-to-use and complete robotic control system.