Tiny Traffic Light Controller


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Calling all model railroaders! The Tiny Traffic Light Controller is an electronic kit which allows you to bring working traffic light functionality to your model railroad! Once assembled, this controller maintains a realistic lighting sequence at any intersection with traffic lights. Just plug it in and forget about it!

This kit includes one printed circuit board and all of the required components to assemble the controller. Standard through-hole components make this controller very easy to assemble, and the simple hook-up to a model train display makes it very easy to install.


  • Operates on 8-24 volt DC power
  • Includes circuit protection for accidental reverse polarity connections
  • Select between normal and fast operation
  • Controls both common anode and common cathode LED lights, as well as 6 volt incandescent lights
  • Allows for use of direct solder or plug-in lights
  • Small size and convenient mounting holes make it easy to mount on a model train display

This kit is the easiest way to add real-life traffic light functionality to any model railroad or diorama, and the controller works with all commercially available traffic lights in all scales! The circuit board can be assembled in under an hour, making it a great learning tool for modellers young and old to practice soldering.

This kit was designed by D5 DEM. D5 is a small, family-operated engineering and design company located in northern New Jersey. Our goal is to provide high-quality, American-made products at reasonably low prices. We never compromise on quality for any reason.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in


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