As part of our goal of a diverse range of products, we offer several services at a reasonable price. Please contact the designated email if you are interested in utilizing any of these services. If you require a service not listed here, contact and we may be able to accommodate your request.

Custom Machining

If you need any part machined from almost any metal, we can do it. We utilize a pair of small milling machines equipped with CNC (Computer Numerical Control), as well as standard tools including a lathe, drill press, saws, planers, etc. Through the use of the CNC milling machines, an item generated using 3D modeling software can be created within minutes. Even if you only have a rough idea and rough dimensions for your part, we will work with you to create it. Fees will vary by part material, size, and complexity. Our goal is to make this service as affordable as possible to help you complete your projects. Please email to discus your part and pricing options.

Custom 3D Printing

3D printers are a great rapid prototyping tool, and have hundreds of uses for school, personal, and professional projects. However, they are still relatively expensive, making their use less feasible. Our goal is to offer printing services for all your projects at a reasonable price, so you don’t have to invest in a printer. We use a high-precision machine that can print any part designed in 3D modeling software in a matter of hours. And, if you are not familiar with 3D modeling software and have only sketches, we will work with you to create your part.

Our machine prints using ABS filament, which is strong yet lightweight. Additionally, our 3D printer prints at much higher precision and much tighter tolerances than many machines on the market, giving the highest quality print every time. The maximum print size is 12″ x 12″ x 9″, so you are not limited in what can be printed. Pricing will vary by the print time and the amount of filament required. We can give you an extremely high-quality print at a very low price. Contact us at to discuss your part and pricing options.

Custom Routing

We can create any 2D engraved sign or plaque you need. We utilize a CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) router in conjunction with 2D engraving software that can engrave anything from wood, to acrylic, to aluminum. Just tell us what material to use, and we can make it. We also use a wide selections of stains and varnishes on engraved wooden signs. Additionally, we could cut out letters, or any unconventional shape that would be impossible to create otherwise. Due to the limitations of our machine, the maximum cutting area is 2’x4′. If you need a sign larger than this, however,  we can build it in sections. Contact us at to discuss your project, design, and pricing options.

In-home Computer Lessons

In this day and age, computers are becoming more and more complex. Sometimes, you may find yourself falling behind the times as you try to use your computer. Or perhaps, you wish to learn how to make use of some of the features you haven’t utilized. This is a service where someone can come to your home and walk you through the steps of using your computer and computer programs. The rate for this service is $75.00 an hour, with a $30.00 an hour senior discount. Contact us at to schedule an in-home computer lesson.

*** Due to the nature of our small, family-run company, this service is only available to those in the North Jersey area. ***

Toy/tool/appliance Repair

Nobody likes it when toys break. They rarely come with warranties, and even then, it’s a hassle to get them repaired or replaced. We offer low-cost repair services, so you don’t need to hassle with the manufacturer. We use original parts wherever possible, or else we fabricate any parts we need to. After living in a household with three boys, we know how to fix things and make them as good as new. And if our repair does not stand the test of time, we will take it back for more work, free of charge. Our aim is to make these repairs affordable, and last for years to come. We can fix toys, tools, and even antique appliances and toys. We specialize in classic toy trains. Contact us at to discuss the item, pricing, and postage options.