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Our Services

CNC Milling

Using state-of-the-art CAM software tools and our 3-axis milling machine, we have the ability to fabricate highly-complex components. We have experience using materials including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, PVC, acrylic, acetal, and poly-carbonate. Whether you have an existing technical drawing of a component or you just have a rough idea of what you need, we will work with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you need. Our quick turnaround times mean that we can go from an idea to a delivered component within a week.

CNC Laser Cutting

We offer laser cutting services using our CNC laser table with an exceptionally large working area. Utilizing our 40 watt laser, we can cut through wood and most plastics. We can also engrave many materials including glass and anodized aluminum. Whether you have an existing drawing you would like cut out, or you just have an idea of what you would like, we can make it happen. This service is a great option if you are looking for a custom gift, a large sign, or a specific part for a project you are working on.

3D Printing

We offer 3D printing services both using SLA resin printers and traditional FDM printers. We can quickly fabricate components with high resolution and high accuracy which are well-suited to prototypes and repairs to existing products. We will work with you, whether you have a specific component you want to replicate, you have a rough idea of what you need, or you already have a 3D design file ready to go.

Electronic Circuit Design

We offer full circuit design services that can turn your concept into a professional-looking printed circuit boards. Perhaps you have developed a circuit on a solderless breadboard, but now you are looking for a more permanent solution. Or, maybe you have an idea for an electronic system, but you don’t have the know-how to bring it to life. Either way, we can work with you to develop and assemble custom printed circuit boards. We have extensive experience both with surface mount technology and with through-hole components. Whatever your application is, we can help bring your idea to fruition.

Embedded System Programming

We have extensive experience in programming embedded systems for specific applications. Our experience ranges from the simplest 8-bit processors through systems with IoT applications including Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. When coupled with our electronic design services, we can deliver function-specific embedded systems that work either standalone or in conjunction with existing technologies.

Miscellaneous Services

While the above services represent our bread and butter, we have many other tools and skills necessary to supplement our main tools. In addition to these services, we have a full function wood shop, manual lathe tooling, vacuum forming capabilities, and anodizing capabilities. There’s not much we can’t do, so even if none of the above services specifically apply to your idea, drop us a line and chances are, we can still meet your needs.